Demo: The Header of this Site.

This Plugin can be used to Display Galleries of NextGen as a Slider.
The Plugin has Control Panel in the Administration, which provides quick and easy way to generate code for the Slider to your desired Style and Settings:

  1. Gallery ID – Sets the ID of the Gallery taken by NextGen,
  2. Effect – there are more than a 15 different Effects to be used,
  3. Speed of animation in milliseconds / Time for the Pause in milliseconds – if you like to have banner with 1 second effect time and 3 seconds delay after that, the Values are 1000 and 4000.
  4. Width and Height – Size of the Slider,
  5. Link on Picture – Allows you to use Images as a Banners. Target URL is taken from  „Description“ in NextGen.
  6. Display Picture Name – Display the Names of the Images. They are taken from the Field „Alt & Title Text“ in NextGen.
  7. Display navigation – these are Items that appear below the Slider, as their number is equal to the images that are loaded and shows you current Image.
  8. Count Limit – number of Images to be shown. Leave it empty for all Pictures.
  9. Order algorithm – order or random,
  10. Pause when Mouse is on the Pictures – to stop rotation of the Slider when the mouse roll over,
  11. Navigation arrows – it enables simple Arrows Navigation

After you fill the Form with your desired Options, press the button Generate. It will prepare for you the propriety Code, which can be used in the Post Content Area.

If you need some additional Changes afterward , rather than generating new Code, you can easily paste the Code that is already in the Post Content in to the „Code to change“ input field, and press Change.
For those of you, who want to put the Slider code page, not in the Post, can do so: still generate code for the selected Slider, assign it a variable and call the function flexoslider:: filter ($cont) from Class.

$cont=“ [flexoslider  GalleryID=’1′ effect=’random’ animSpeed=’1000′ pauseTime=’1000′ width=’930′ height=’260′ img_link =’true’ img_title =’true’ img_nav =’false’ max_br =’2′ order =’random’ pause =’false’ nav_arrow =’true’]“;

echo flexoslider::filter($cont);